ECM provides engineered construction and maintenance services for a wide range of applications onshore and offshore. Work and activities are undertaken and executed on-site and off-site. ECM is run by a team of experienced, motivated and multi-disciplined individuals with extensive collective capabilities through a full range of industries covering many circumstances and locations.

Enhancing Client performance is ECM’s primary objective, no matter what the challenge. ECM offers a broad and flexible range of services, individually tailored to each task and project, in order to construct and maintain the Client’s production or infrastructure operations. We help Clients to optimise production operations and capital works executions through effective and efficient services that bring about improved end results. We aim to build long-term relationships with our Clients who span a broad range of industries.

ECM’s expertise and experience in Project and Work planning are especially applicable to plant shutdowns and maintenance campaigns. This includes the development of appropriate execution plans to align and comply with Client requirements. Quality, safety and environmental management are integral throughout our services provision.

ECM’s range of services is designed to help and assist the Resource Developers, Industrial Operations and Government Instrumentalities, established in the region, to ensure operability, maintainability, reliability and the sustainability of their facilities by means of respective Project or Operation Support Services. The said services are, however, complementary to each other. Certain aspects or facets of one service combined with the nature and character of another service can be a very potent combination and solution in the fulfilment of the Clients need.