The close proximity to the port provides a rare opportunity for improved business development to the offshore and onshore Oil & Gas Industries of the Pilbara Region of North-West Australia for ECM and others. The opportunity includes, but is not limited to, the establishment of a representative presence at the Block/Land in order to solely or jointly service the Oil & Gas Projects and/or Operations. The inferred and implied advantage is the proximity and access to the established Oil & Gas offshore and onshore Operations on the Burrup Peninsula and Pilbara Region. This closeness provides firstly an in-depth understanding and appreciation of all that is required and secondly a platform for efficient and effective Operation Support Service.

The opportunity is of particular interest to those enterprises who already serve the Oil & Gas and/or Mining Operations in the Burrup Peninsula – Pilbara Region, but who have to date been unable to establish on-the-spot representation. The logistic benefits of being on the spot are of immense importance.

The Oil & Gas operations produce on a 24-hour and continuous basis. Consequently, an Operation Support Service has to be readily available in order to interface with those operations. This interface and interaction have to be skillfully constructed, practiced and managed. A well-orchestrated scheme will benefit all parties involved.

The opportunities are based on adapting appropriate actions and services to the required expediency and existing circumstances, often with implications, in a most productive and constructive way.

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