ECM is a multi-disciplined maintenance and construction contractor with a metal trades bias. Work can include design and fabrication. The focus is on field and site work supported by offsite design, fabrication and inspection services. Remote areas requiring practical and cost-effective logistical solutions are a specialty.

ECM has its own work crews and mobile equipment.

ECM is run by a small team of experienced and motivated individuals with extensive collective experience through a full range of industries covering a wide range of circumstances and locations, both locally and internationally.

ECM started operations in 2001, commencing with a number of small projects in the mining sector and covering a variety of work. That year, ECM accepted the role of Project Manager for the construction of the Mermaid Marine Dampier Supply Base Expansion.

Since this project management and construction exercise, ECM has moved on to perform a variety of works for a number of clients in the marine, mining, oil & gas and infrastructure areas, mainly in the Pilbara and the Kimberleys. Whilst ECM is based in the Pilbara, Western Australia, it has the ability to operate in other locations.

ECM can provide project management and similar project support services if required. This service can include inspection and expediting work for other clients.